Quick Tips for Better Online Visibility

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a company, a freelancer or an aspiring student, a prolific presence on the Internet can only help in your ventures. Online presence is unavoidable in this day and age.  You probably already have more than one social media profile and maybe even a blog. Unfortunately, so do your competitors. You will have to be a bit more web savvy to stand above the fray, or at least to not fade into obscurity. Building up an online reputation will take time, effort and a whole lot of patience. You will, however, have to start somewhere, so here are several useful tips for marketing yourself:

Create a professional website

A professional website is not the same as your blog or LiveJournal account. The difference is in the audience: your personal websites, if you have any, are for viewing by friends and family, while the website for your freelancing career or small business is intended to be seen by the whole world. Entrepreneurs who run companies should never use personal social media profiles, blogs or web pages for business purposes. You can market your products on your personal Twitter by all means, but the product really should also have its own official site. This is why you should begin by designing a professional website. Do a Google search, like “web design company Sydney” for example, to find a local service provider if you are unable to do so yourself. It’s all right if your business website doesn’t look the way you want it to from the first go. The secret is to keep improving the site with little user-friendly additions over time.


The blog you keep about your cats is not sufficient to promote your business or your career prospects as a freelancer. Once you design a professional website, you will need a tie-in blog to write about your products, services and anything else that might interest your target audience. You can start a blog for free on Blogger or WordPress. It’s important that all the content on your blog is well-written and interesting. Professionals without any writing experience should hire a coach or outsource all content generation to an actual writer. Post only pictures that you own the rights to, or are free to distribute for commercial purposes. Never, ever plagiarize content from other sites, as this will get your blog blacklisted and possibly sued in a real court.

Chances are rare that you already have a successful blog, but if you do, you can begin to promote your business there, as long as the content remains relevant. There’s little sense in promoting self-published books about trekking on a blog dedicated to fashion. You should decide if cross-promotion would work in a certain context.

Post frequently

Post daily on your social media profiles and blog to keep your site trending and relevant.  No one likes to linger long on a blog or a Facebook profile that hasn’t been updated in months. You want to give your target audience the impression that you are always here catering to their needs. New material attracts new users and garners better search engine rankings. That’s why you should take an hour or two each day to update your website and social media sites.

Your online presence will gradually build up with the right tools mentioned above. Update everything frequently, and keep up with the latest trends and ultimately you will have the prolific online presence you’ve always wanted.