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Zuckerberg: Muslims Will Always Be Welcome On Facebook

Zuckerberg today came out in support of Muslims through a Facebook post which went viral. The following is his message

Mark Zukerberg

Zuckerberg has said that “the hate of some can make it easy to succumb to cynicism” but insists “we must not lose hope”. Facebook for a long time has received criticism for choking freedom of speech by siding with local censorship laws in certain Islamic countries in the Middle East. Though advocates of free speech want Facebook to simply refuse to operate in those Islamic countries, Zuckerberg counters it by saying:

A government passing a law that you can’t say something is one barrier against people having a voice. We try to push back whenever we get requests to block something.

Continuing to operate can help the country in other ways, such as allowing people to connect with loved ones, learn, and find jobs. So I think overwhelmingly our responsibility is to continue operating.