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Heat Rises And So Should You: High And Low-Tech Ways To Keep Your Home Cool

Summer is definitely here and with that comes the sudden urge to keep yourself and your home cool. Heat can often make you feel frustrated, especially when you can’t seem to function and carry on as you would normally. However, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to keep your home cool this summer, we thought it was about time to share with you some of the low-tech and cost effective ways you can keep your home cool this summer.

Plant some trees

This is as low-tech as it will get, but trees are a natural air conditioner for your home. They let immense light in during the winter when they have shed all their leaves, but create amazing shade during the summer when the leaves are out and grown. This helps to keep your home and garden cool offering a natural block out to the sun.

Use an air conditioning system

More high tech than planting trees and possibly the easiest, and maybe most expensive way, of keeping your home cool is to use an air conditioning system. This will help to create a haven in your home when the outside temperature gets too much. However, it is important to ensure that you have a system that is working and your thermal dispersion flow switch is in good condition to ensure that your system is up to scratch. An air conditioning unit can also help to make sure you get a decent night’s sleep. After all, heat rises and can make bedrooms hot even when the sun has set.

Keep the curtains and blinds closed

This may be one of the simplest tips you will read, but there is much truth to keeping your curtains and blinds closed during the day. There are studies that show 30% of unwanted heat into your home comes from your windows. However, keep the blinds shut can help reduce temperatures throughout the day and subsequently make your home much cooler in the evening.

Sometimes it’s best to focus on your body temperature rather than the home

Many of ancestors survived hot summers without the need for gadgets and technology, especially things like air conditioning units. So why not take a leaf out of their book and focus on your own body temperature instead. Keep cool by keeping your body hydrated with water. This is essential to your well-being and your health during the hottest days of the year. Indulge in icy cold drinks and make sure you keep your fridge stocked up with colder beverages. You may also want to try running your wrists under cool water every few hours.  A major vein passes your wrist and it can be very effective to keeping your body temperature cooler.

Focus on your bed at night

Changing your sheets often will help to ensure that your bed stays fresh, but, of course, it isn’t a guarantee for keeping your bed cool. There are some amazing tips online that suggest filling up a hot water bottle and placing it in the freezer to ice up. Then, if you place it at the foot of the bed it can have a cooling effect on your feet. Other suggestions include putting your pillow and bed sheets in the fridge for a few hours to instantly give you that cooling sensation when heading into bed.

Control your home temperature via your phone

While this may be a gadget for the winter as well as the summer, it is now possible to control the temperature in your home via your phone. This can be a real game changer and also help you keep the costs down when it comes to running air conditioning and even your heating system in the colder months. It enables you to get your home cool before you get in, rather than walking into a home that can often feel like an oven when having been left alone in the heat all day. 

Let the night air into your home and allow it to circulate

During the summer months the chances are when the sun sets, the temperature will drop. This is the ideal time to open up all the windows in your home and let the night air circulate throughout. It is also advisable to do this early in the morning before the temperature begins to rise. It enables you to keep your home cooler for longer. After that, it could be a good idea to close off certain rooms. This can help keep your home cooler at the hottest points of the day.

I hope these tips help you when the sun is out.