Green Lights: Signs That Your Blog Could Start Making Money

Anyone who starts a blog probably does so with the knowledge that it could turn into a money spinning opportunity. Online advertising, ecommerce opportunities, and a lot more besides are all common knowledge these days.

That said, the first few months of starting a blog are always a little difficult, and making a dime or two can seem a long way off. And, despite what you hear, there are no quick fixes for getting rich with a blog, especially when it’s new. The big question for bloggers is; when is a blog ready to make money?

The good news is there are clear green lights that will arise once your blog is finally in a place where you can start earning – and we’re going to go through some of them with you today.

There is a genuine interest in what your blog is about

The golden rule of blogging is to write about your audience’s interests. Sure, you need to love what you are doing, too, but if your speciality is too niche, you will struggle to get visitors – therefore things like Google’s Adsense or Amazon affiliation will earn you next to nothing. So, make sure that your chosen topic has some popularity, but also offers something interesting and original to say.

You have a substantial amount of visitors

If you are struggling to get traffic, your blog will not be an attractive proposition to anyone, and it will be difficult to attract advertising prospects. So, until your blog has excellent ‘viewing figures’ – including thing as like bounce rate and time spent on page – you probably aren’t going to earn anything like real money.

You have a good email list

Building an email list is the single most important thing you can do when it comes to blogging. It gives you instant access to people that are already interested in what you have to say – all you need to focus on is giving them more of what they want. With your email list, you can encourage people to visit your site, introduce them to products or services, and even use it to help you sell more affiliate products.

You have a high-quality website

Be careful to ensure your blog is hosted on an excellent website. User experience is becoming more important than ever these days, and a poor quality site that looks dated and is hard to use won’t do you any favors. These days, it’s possible to create a marketplace website without coding at all. Drag and drop templates seem to be becoming more popular as times go by, and services are certainly far better than they used to be – so take a look around and see what you can find, to give your blog the home it deserves.

You promote your content (with success)

Even the best bloggers in the world need to promote their content, so unless you are doing so – and having success – you won’t be able to give up the day job just yet. Spreading the word on social media, and creating shareable posts and interesting info will help your blog grow.