Essential Tips to Successfully Brand Your Blog

Branding Strategy

If you already have a blog, or perhaps are just in the planning stages of launching your own site, you might be wondering what it is that sets those amazingly popular blogs apart from the others out there, which seem to go largely unnoticed.

While there isn’t one surefire answer that’s going to guarantee your blog is a huge hit, there is something that’s important, and that’s branding. If you find yourself pondering one of the elements that all great blogs seem to have in common, it’s probably that they have a distinct brand and that’s what the entire site concept is built around.

When you brand your blog, it’s going to not only help you be more appealing to readers, but it can also help you when you’re at a loss regarding content creation.

So how do you get started or make the necessary changes to an existing blog to give it a strong identity and sense of branding?

Look Inward First

For your blog to truly be branded and have an identity of its own, it’s best for it to be based on a concept or topic you have experience in or feel passionate about. Once you have that, you can then start building your blog and looking for ways to monetize it. For example, if you’re passionate about travel, try to build the brand of your blog around that, and if you have particular travel interests, such as traveling on a budget or traveling with young children, even better. As well as being interested in the topic, it can be advantageous to have some experience in it, otherwise finding the inspiration you need to write day in and day out is going to be difficult.

Be Thoughtful When Choosing a Domain Name

If you feel extremely enthusiastic about starting your blog, and you’re ready to dive in head first, you may not give your actual domain name the time and consideration it deserves, but that can be a mistake. The domain you go with is one of the primary components of your overall brand. In his guide to how to start your own blog, guru Neil Patel says the name you go with doesn’t have to describe what you’re blogging about, as long as it’s suggestive of what you’re covering. You want the domain name to be simple, appealing and easy to remember if at all possible

Include a Tagline

A tagline is a must-have if you want your blog to have a strong, definitive personality. Think about your keywords as well as the general focus when you’re creating a tagline, and if you can, infuse some elements of your personality or some humor into it. It’ll give your readers something to remember you by, even when they’re bombarded with so many other blogs.

As a final tip, be consistent with your overall design. Try to keep a sleek color palette and choose a theme that you feel will work for a long time to come. Eventually, your theme, layout, and design can become synonymous with the brand of your blog, which is important as you work to cultivate a loyal following.

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