Tips for Planning a Semi-Formal Business Party

Tips for Planning a Semi-Formal Business Party

Planning a business party is never easy. There are many things to consider, and arrange the party in a way that pleases everyone. Party planners must learn to think outside the box when it comes to business related occasions. Here are some tips to help you plan a great party for work:

Check Out Many Venues

Do not choose a venue simply because it’s close to the office, or because many other companies have also used the same place. Do your research, and choose the venue that’s best for your company’s needs. Also, think carefully about hosting the party at your own office. If your office is limited for space, or if you have hundreds of people attending, then it’s best to book a venue elsewhere. Make sure this venue is convenient to commute to, and also easy to find on Google Maps.

Hire Experts

If you have a very large party to plan, perhaps it’s best to call in the experts located in the area. For example, if you are planning to host your business party in Canberra, call people from an event management Canberra company, not one located in Sydney. The local agents will be the ones best versed in the reputable venues, catering services, and similar providers in the area. In case your company doesn’t want to completely outsource the party planning, you can hire one or two professionals and absorb them into your team.

Send Invitations in Advance

Do not wait until the last minute to send invitations. This isn’t a birthday party. Remember that the people attending will be colleagues and important business partners from other companies. They are very likely to have busy schedules, so your invitations will have to be sent at least a month in advance. Afterwards, you will also need to send a reminder closer to the date. Leave out plenty of time for guests to cancel without throwing your whole party into disarray.

Maintain a Touch of Formality

Sure, it’s a party, but it’s not one where the partygoers can necessarily get drunk and start acting silly. There will be small-time workers mingling with big-time players in your industry. So, you will need to blast dance music for the little people, and also order canapés for big shots. You will have to balance the theme of your party between formal and informal in a way that no one is left out or offended.

Hire a Caterer You Know

No party is a good party without delicious food. You will have to dedicate a considerable portion of your budget to the catering. It will have to alternate between cheap indulgences like Buffalo wings to expensive choices. Make sure to offer vegetarian, sugar-free, and gluten-free options for guests with special dietary needs. When hiring a caterer, first sample some of their work and ask around about the caterer. All the dishes that will be served at the party should be sampled in advance. It’s better to hire a caterer that you know, rather than one you just found.

Live Music

Rather than blasting music off a stereo system, try to book a live musical act for your event. Your guests will be much more pleased. You might be able to find an indie band even if your budget is limited.

Most importantly, be cool regarding the party. Be respectful of everyone’s needs and try to allow all to have a great time.


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