How to Protect Your Smartphone From Damage

Protect Smartphone

Although not quite the Nokia “brick” series, modern smartphones are still pretty tough. Many of them can be dropped on concrete or splashed with liquid and still work fairly well. Although the functionality might be hard to damage, the aesthetic beauty of a phone is more delicate. Scratches on the screen and dents in the casing are very unsightly, but there are certain preventative measures you can take.

If you’ve been through a few phones in a short space of time, then you might just need to be more careful about how you use it! Think about when and where you use your phone. If you’re in a crowded party, find some space. If your hands are wet and slippery, dry them off!

Of course, no one can foresee accidents before they happen. So what else can you do? Start off by getting a protective case. I know a lot of people who have always put off getting a case, preferring the sleek look and feel of a bare phone. These people also have to spend a lot of money on services like this: . When the screen’s covered in cracks, believe me it won’t look so fancy! There are a wide range of cases out there for every kind of phone. Some will make your phone nearly indestructible, like this one: . These heavy-duty models will add a considerable amount of bulk to your phone though. There are other cases available which are more slimming, but obviously you’ll be sacrificing a bit of protection. With the wide selection out there, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a look you can agree with. No matter how picky you are, remember that any case is better than no case.

In order for you to use your phone with its case, the screen needs to be uncovered. This, unfortunately, leaves one of the most delicate parts of the device open to damage. To get around this, get yourself a screen protector. Again, any screen protector is better than no screen protector. However, some of them will do a lot more to protect your screen than others. Some companies will throw in a cheap, thin protector when you buy a case. While these will make some difference if you drop your phone, it will be minimal. For the best possible protection, choose a tempered glass version. I also recommend buying your protector from a store, rather than ordering one online. Getting screen protectors onto a phone is a notoriously fiddly process. Try it yourself, and you’ll probably end up with a load of grit and air bubbles trapped between the protector and screen. If you get your protector from an accessory store, there’ll be someone there who will be happy to put it on properly.

Until they’re able to combine the function of a smartphone with the durability of a 90’s model, our devices will get broken. However, if you take precautions, you’ll reduce your chances of this kind of tragedy a lot.

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