Review of the Plantronics M100i Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Bluetooth headset

The Plantronics M100i Bluetooth Headset was actually launched in September 2010 last year.  I had the opportunity to review one recently, and was pleasantly surprised at the functionality of the unassuming headset.  I won’t bore you with the details such as the Bluetooth pairing process, but shall instead list out the aspects of the headset that impressed me.

  • With a profile of just 8mm and weighing just 9grams, the headset is unobtrusive and very comfortable to wear
  • Overall, the headset performed flawlessly for me; sound quality was crisp and clear
  • I absolutely love the sliding power button (Black means its on; red is off).  No more fumbling with “press and hold” routines on impossibly small power buttons with the M100i
  • Voice prompts makes it a delight to use: When powering on the M100i, the talk time remaining on the headset is announced in a pleasant female voice.  After connecting successfully to your mobile phone, the headset again prompts with a verbal prompt of “Connected”
  • The battery life of the headset is as advertised. Its stand-by battery life was hardly affected even after I left it switched on over night two or three times.

Another feature that I liked about the M100i is how the volume is toggled between between Min-Low-Medium-High-Max states using a single “volume/mute” button. A separate “Call” button is used to accept or end calls. If there is a complaint, it would be that the sheer (small) size of the M100i makes it very prone to being misplaced or inadvertently dropped.

Some other details that may help you decide whether to get the M100i

  • Quick charging: A full charge takes only 90 minutes (30 minutes gives you 2 hours of talk time)
  • Lighting fast pairing after switching on the headset
  • Supports multipoint for pairing with up to two Bluetooth devices
  • Comes with a detachable earloop for extra stability
  • Charged via a standard micro USB port

The Plantronics M100i is available in Singapore at a retail price of S$139  at IT retail stores such as Challenger, selected Apple stores, and IT retailers in Funan Mall and Sim Lim Square.

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