DEMO: Gwabbit launches automated email contact manager


Contact managers are ripe for a makeover. As such, Technicopia is announcing a tool called Gwabbit today at the DEMO 2009 conference that could take the tedium out of updating your email contacts.

It’s arguable that this has already been done with the automated contact information collected by Gmail. But that only works for collecting the email addresses of people you’ve corresponded with. It does nothing to aggregate phone numbers, addresses and other contacts.

Gwabbit does this for you in an intelligently automated way. When you get an email — regardless of which email client you are using — Gwabbit will produce a pop-up window asking if you’d like to take the contact information in that email and store it in your Microsoft Outlook Address Book database. If you click yes, it will automatically fill out the appropriate fields for everything, including name, phone number, email address, web site and other relevant data.

Read the full story here.

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